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“Should Techs Write Estimates?”

Techician Writing On Inspection Sheet.

How much should techs be involved in creating a high-quality estimate? Is it  “My techs write the estimate, so my counter people can sell it” or “Techs need to produce billable hours. Anything else is not their job.”?

In today’s episode, we cover the pros and cons of approaches taken in the industry, especially going Digital opened up ways not practicable before.

The verbal contract between Techs and Service Advisor(s) is important for our shop culture.

Neil Daly.
Neil Daly, Owner

Oceanside Motorsports in Oceanside, CA

I am trying to create conditions so Techs can produce as many billable hours as possible.

Bruce Nation.
Bruce Nation, Owner

Westlake Independent in Westlake, CA

Main Benefits Covered during the Episode


Introducing a consistent process between Tech and SA guarantees an increase of at least 25% billable hours.


Involving the tech in estimating bigger and complex jobs increases morale, confidence, and profit.

Highlights of the Episode

  1. Service Advisors often estimate with their wallets. Neil is introducing one solution to completely avoid that. Get the inside scoop 👈
  2. Neil talks about how the shop-eyes-only notes in SmartFlow.X make the process very clear between techs and advisor(s) Get the inside scoop 👈
  3. Bruce and Neil agree that estimating can be made easier for the whole shop when using the red/yellow method. Get the inside scoop 👈

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