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TVP to TVPx Switch: Reap the Benefits

Matt Fowler – Airport Automotive

Dustin Brown – Brown’s Automotive Experts

Billy Catching – Aram’s Automotive

Watch the Highlights

“It’s been a blessing”

Watch this short clip as Dustin Brown tells how the switch forced him to re-think his inspection process.

“It’s hard to imagine going back”

Matt Fowler talks about how new functions of TVPx have become critical to his operation.

“There isn’t just one process in a shop”

Listen as Matt Fowler and Uwe discuss the power and flexibility of the task manager

Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this week’s episode of The Digital Shop Talk Radio, Uwe, Bill and I welcome Matt Fowler, Dustin Brown, and Billy Catching, 3 veteran TVPx users, to talk about their experience with the new platform, why they switched, and the benefits they have received from switching to TVPx.

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