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"If you believe it, you will achieve it"

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Working with a Bear?!

See the premier of John Long’s new video and hear how the project benefitted the shop culture!

Link to Working with a Bear video.

When missing your goal is a huge success

In this short clip, Adam explains why he’s happy even though he missed his goal.

Link to 47 minute timestamp.

Opening a second location during a pandemic?!

Listen as John explains why he’s not crazy.

Link to 9 minute timestamp.
Opening A Second Shop. Multi-location Strategies For Success

On this Eve of New Year’s Eve edition of Digital Shop Talk Radio, Uwe and I are joined by Adam Bendzick from Pro Services Automotive and John Long from Schertz Auto Service as we talk about the year in review and discuss how to set effective goals for 2021. Don’t miss the premier of John Long’s new video: “Working with a Bear” and Adam’s amazing slide presentation!

Happy New Year!

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