Workflow Automation

Improve your business process through definition and automation of your existing workflow

Many businesses today are turning to workflow automation tools to increase quality, reduce waste and increase profits by improving their business process. The auto repair industry is no exception to this trend since so many tasks in the shop are generally repeatable and could easily be standardized or improved through automation.

The term process improvement refers to a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying procedures to achieve more efficient results.  The process can be formal or informal whether it is well documented or just an accepted norm in your shop.

You have probably encountered the results of inefficient processes. Some of the symptoms include; Unhappy customers, stressed team members, missed deadlines, and increased costs. And these are primarily the reasons that shops are looking to improve their process though automation.

Workflow automation helps to eliminate these problems by bringing together your people, your current processes and your organization’s goals into a software application where those processes can be recorded and tasked can be assigned to each team member. Then as each team member performs their part, daily progress and resources in use can be displayed and recorded pointing out potential bottlenecks or problems.

Auto shops around the country are using AutoVitals’ technology to improve their workflow and remove their paper racks. With digital inspections and a paperless back-shop, you save a ton of time, get increased visibility into your process, and you’re able to communicate better with your customers.

Watch Craig’s Auto Care automate their existing workflow to increase profits

Automating the business process and workflow automation with Shopflow.

  • Time saved per vehicle though automation and process improvement 10%
  • Average Repair Order Profits Increase 35%
  • More jobs sold vs. Paper Inspections 76%


Tablet based vehicle inspections enable dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms.


With a completely paperless back shop and integration with your Shop Management System you can reduce time spent by service advisors and technicians.


Visual workflow increases visibility into your shop process, and improves communication between team members and with your customers.


Adding service recommendation videos to your website educates and engages customers at the moment they are looking for help.

Using SmartFlow to automate their workflow process shops can improve productivity and eliminate the use of paper racks. Enabled with digital inspections and a completely paperless back-shop, you can save a ton of time, get increased visibility into your process, and you’re able to communicate better with your customers.


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The AutoVitals Service Recommendation Videos are designed to give shop owners easy access to an extensive library of professionally produced video segments covering a wide range of auto service and repair topics. Using this library, shop owners can provide their customers with a short educational experience about a specific service or repair in a form that is unobtrusive and provides a level of comfort for the motorist they might not otherwise experience.

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