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Do you use a tracking phone number on our current website?

Make sure your tracking number is not being indexed by search engines.

You can do this by performing a web search of your tracking phone number, if the search engine populates results with your TRACKING number and business name  then your tracking phone number is being indexed.

* If your tracking phone number (different from your business main line) is being indexed by google is hurts your SEO because you will have inconsistencies in  NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

Is your website Mobile Optimized?

Mobile Test

AutoVitals requires a minimum Internet speed and bandwidth to play nice with Your network.

Go to your website on your mobile phone and review how it looks.

Is it responsive? Does it fit to the width of your screen?

Does it take a long time to load?

How does it look?

On a desktop got to your website and add:


to the end of your URL

Adjust your browser window to be the width of a smart phone.

How does it look?

Test Your Speed


Is your content original?

Duplicate Content

Go to one of your landing pages for a service or make you specialize in for example “brake repair”

Copy a paragraph of text and paste it into a search engine.

If other websites show up in results than you have duplicate content on your website.

SEO Checklist Tool

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