TVP Glossary: SmartCheck Edition

Welcome to the TVP Glossary: SmartCheck Edition! Here you’ll find out what all of the symbols and buttons you see on the Today’s Vehicle Page and Tiles mean and how they work.

Today’s Vehicle Page

Here’s an overview of the Today’s Vehicle Page, and what numerous buttons and symbols mean!


Will tell you the latest SmartFlow updates, and blog posts to improve your SmartFlow experience

Will switch your TVP into Tech View. Which sorts vehicles according to the  technician it is assigned to.

Switch your TVP into the WorkFlow View, this is only available for SmartFlow customers.

This will create a new inspection (create a vehicle).


This will bring you to the “Inspection Results” page.


Click this to go to the “Reports” page.

Click this to go to the “Inspection Sheets” page. Here, you can customize and make your own inspection sheets.

Click this to go to the “Inspection Settings/My Shop Settings”. Here you can customize how the inspection looks to the customer.

If SmartFlow isn’t working or you’ve encountered a bug, click on this button to report a problem!

To create a vehicle click on the + button.

Here you can specify how you want to sort your TVP and save it.

Here you can see any chats that techs have sent you/notifications that they have completed work.

If your shop has more than one Service Advisor, you can select which Service Advisor’s vehicles you’d like to see (supported for some Point of Sale systems).

This number next to a column shows the number of vehicles in that column that you can’t see on your screen.

This allows you to search for a vehicle whether it’s by RO #, last name, or license plate.

SmartCheck Vehicle Tile

Here’s an overview of what the symbols, letters, and numbers on the SmartCheck Vehicle Tile mean.

The vehicle information has been completely identified.

The vehicle data is not complete or the vehicle is not uniquely identified (the VIN, type of transmission, etc. might be missing)

This is the RO # of the vehicle.

This is the Key Tag number, which in this case is the last two digits of the RO #.

Customer name and solid line indicated that we do have email on file

Customer name and dotted line indicates that we do not have email on file

These are initials of the Service Advisor assigned to the vehicle (The initials can be added to the Service Advisor’s settings from the “Inspection Settings/My Shop Settings” page)

This is the vehicle’s due date.

This number shows that amount of total jobs that have not been completed yet.

SmartCheck Tile Markers

Here are what the markers for the Vehicle Tile mean:


The number in the red circle shows the amount of total jobs that have not been completed by the tech that it is under in tech view.


Click this to SmartChat the technician that the vehicle is assigned to (Here, you can let tech know about parts that have been received, new work, etc.). If this tile is rippling, that means that there is a new chat from the technician.



The number at the top shows the amount of billed hours of the vehicle for that tech, the number at the bottom shows the amount of completed hours of the vehicle for that tech.

If this marker turns yellow with the attention sign, that means that the technician is 50% done with their work on the vehicle.

If this marker turns red with a stop sign, that means that the technician is 95% done with the work on that vehicle.

This is an empty Special Marker tile. If you click on this, you can add a special marker.

This special marker gets added to the vehicle tile to freeze the workorder. Use this special marker when you are waiting for approval.

SmartCheck with Retention

If you use our retention services you might have an extra symbol on a vehicle tile that looks like these:

This means that the customer earns or wants to redeem points.

This means that the customer is enrolled in the Loyalty Points Program.

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