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Turn Searches into Customers

Motorists are searching for you. Will they find you?

Mobile phones, mobile websites, mobile applications: the trend is clear. The internet is changing the way you interact with prospective and existing customers. Google searches, email and text messages, on-line appointments and reviews. It’s happening now and you’re probably asking yourself how to keep up with the fast changing internet landscape. Did you know that most of the appointment requests happen after hours and on Sundays? Larrys Auto Works Before a motorist contacts you, their user experience can vary significantly. It depends on how engaging the search result, the appearance of your home or landing-page and how informative the rest of your website is. Your business could even be on page #1 and you still won’t get the number of first time customers you’d expect. This live panel discussion focuses on the four steps a searching motorist is going through before they become a customer. And why it’s crucially important to make sure every step is taken into account when creating your web presence. It is no secret: just being on page #1 and haVINg a pretty looking website will only take you so far.

You can also download a copy of the webcast slides by clicking HERE