Meet the AutoVitals Team

These are the ultra-talented people who make the AutoVitals products the best in the industry.

We are AutoVitals…  For us, this is not just a job, it is our passion. We take pride in the job we do  and the products we represent, and we take pride in each other. As a team, we believe that we can not be satisfied with the successes of yesterday and today, but that we must push our limits to be the best tomorrow and the next day too. This requires tackling obstacles that would stop most others. We invest ourselves completely in the process, and always maintain our integrity. It means trusting our teammates and embracing our goals. It means to not simply work hard at a job, but to enjoy ourselves in the process and relish in the result that is AutoVitals.

Uwe Kleinschmidt
Founder and CEO
Tom Dorsey
Director of Sales
Jerry Lucera
Accounting & Payroll
Justin Torres
VP Web Presence
Karl Kleinschmidt
Head of SEO
Ute Gerlach
No Title, Just me
Craig Karpovich
Media Director &
Foosball Champ
Slav Rilov
Ryan Darling
Scott Martinis
Sales Development Representative
Matthew Avalos
Product Advisor/ Retention Onboarding Specialist
Neil Reilly-Shapiro
Carolyn Gallays
SmartFlow Intern/ DVI/DVVI/IVNV Support
Alexis Ramos
SEO Expert
Honoree (Honey) Tuazon
Sales Development Representative
Darin Sullivan
Brian DuRoss
Jimmy Lea
Kevin Ledig
Inside Sales Representative
Lina Kleinschmidt
Jen Manalis
Paul Crow
Liz Anderson
Accounting Specialist
Bianca Torres
Austin Gendron
Account Manager
Anastacia Brewer
Jenifer Ortega
Dmitriy Karlov
Gursharan Bains
Director of Customer Success
Candice Figueroa
Carlos Benitez
Alex Yatsenko
Alex Troy
Chris Norton
Chris Story
Anatoliy Shweps
Jonathan Telahun
Jr. Operations Analyst


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