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Integrate your Digital Inspection with your Shop Management Software!


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NAPA integrated digital vehicle inspection

NAPA AutoCare Centers can take advantage of a discount when ordering this service.  

order the PBS and use coupon code “napapbs”

Or Call 844 NAPA DVI for more details


Interested in a sneak peak?

 Test-drive the Paperless Back Shop (PBS) Application right now!

Take your tablet and tap here for instructions

 Go to this page on your tablet and tap the icon describing your tablet make (iPad, Android, or Amazon).

apple icongoogle play appamazon app icon

Download the app and tap the icon below on your tablet

NAPA integrated digital vehicle inspectionEnter your shop data on the left.

Check your email for the logon passcode

Log onto the PBS application on the right

Enjoy the features of the PBS

(Shop logo and inspection report are modified as well as watermarked during the test-drive)

To upgrade to the full feature set  order the PBS and use coupon code “napapbs”

The Paperless Back Shop integrated with your SMS provides additional benefits to the Digital Vehicle Inspection Program

  • Compare the Vehicle’s Service History with the OEM recommendation
  • Recalls and TSBs
  • Recommended Jobs
  • Use the Digital Tech Worksheet and add time clocking
  • and more

Are you onboarded and integrated already? Take your first training

Based on new requests from shop owners across the country, who are excited to benefit from this exciting mobile technology, we release a new version every two weeks.

Check our roadmap with the new releases. Find the latest features

Recommended Tablets

In general all Android tablets bigger than 7 inch and iPad including the Mini are supported. In order to gain the best productivity, we have selected the best tablet – case pairing. Without a ruggedized case you break the tablet rather sooner than later and all the initial savings will be gone. Our rigorous testing and research for a cost effective solution resulted in the following All Star list*: ipad mini defender

The overall winner is the iPad Mini enclosed in the Otterbox Defender case. Its crisp user interface is hands down the best by far, and using refurbished tablets makes it even the most cost-effective solution. Battery life is 10 hours. Order the iPad Mini here  and the Otterbox here  and you get a winner!




gumdrop case for asus



Second place is taken by the 10 inch version of the Asus Transformer series. Combined with the Gumdrop Case the tablet is solid and worth its money. Battery life is 11 hours. Order the Asus here  and the Gumdrop case here and you won’t regret it. 





     kindle fire otterbox

Close third is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. enclosed in the Otterbox Defender case. We downgraded this device because of its high price and the very limited number of applications available in the App Center. Battery life is 12 hours. Go here  to buy the tablet and go here for the case.








i-blason nexus 7


Very intriguing is the NEXUS 7 (manufactured by Asus) with the i-Blason case. With only a 7-inch screen it is smaller than the 10 inch tablets, so let your techs test it before buying. Battery life is 9 hours. Both, the tablet and the case can be purchased here and here .


*Please not that all recommendations are based on the then current market condition. We do our best to keep it updated, but the tablet market releases new devices every day. The limiting factor in recommending a ruggedized tablet solution is the availability of the appropriate case

Tablets NOT recommended

With the tsunami of new tablets being released every week, there is a high chance that tablets see the market, which are not fit for high productivity use or flat out don’t work. Even established brand names are on the list of known misfits below:

  • – iPad 1 and 2 (no auto focus camera, the VIN scanning won’t work reliably)
  • – All Samsung tablets (earlier versions like the Tab2 10 inch have no auto focus camera, all versions implemented the drop-down requiring more interaction than one simple tap)
  • – All Kindle Fire tablets except the HDX 8.9 (they don’t have a rear facing camera)
  • – Cheap (<$100) tablets like the 
    • Polaroid (no ability to download any app),
    • Dragon Touch (touch sensitivity low, one must tap several times for a single result)

Shop Management Software supported

The AutoVitals Paperless backshop real-time integration  with your shop management software (SMS) works for two kinds of SMS

We install proprietary software on your database service and without changing any database records, this software transfers all changes entered by the service advisor in typically less than 2 minutes to the AutoVitals server and the tech tablet in the back shop.

The following list of shop management software is supported

  • Mitchell1 manager and SE/Team edition
  • YES
  • RO Writer
  • MaxxTraxx
  • Winworks
  • ALLDATA Manage
  • Garage Operator (in the works)


This type of integration extracts the following datatypes

  • Customer and Vehicle data
  • Appointments
  • Jobs, including service history
  • Parts and part numbers
  • Estimates
  • invoices
  • Work orders/Repair Orders
This type of integration works with all other SMSs on the market. It is based on setting the baseline by importing the database once and then extract all following data from printed estimates, worksheets and invoices.

It extracts the following datatypes

  • Customer and Vehicle data
  • Estimates
  • invoices
  • Work orders/Repair Orders

Just unpacked your new tablet? Explore how to set it up!

android set up

For Android tablets we recommend to follow the instructions here  




For iPad and iPad Mini, please use the instructions here

The Paperless Backshop Roadmap

Listen to shop owners with more than 1,000 Digital Inspections under their belt

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