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The Digital Shop Talk, Webinar& Radio

10:00 am PACIFIC

The Digital Shop Talk Webinar

Tuesday and Thursdays, weekly

30 minutes of release notes and exciting features followed by up to 30 minutes of Q&A from the webinar audience


Hands-On Workshops

January 10-12, 2019
The Digital Shop Conference in Marina del Rey

The Digital Shop® Conference brings together members of the automotive industry who have or who are looking to take the digital leap with AutoVitals. The Digital Shop® Conference provides shop owners, service advisors and technicians from across the country with the unique opportunity to collaborate and to take part in the future of the industry.

Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday Workshops in Santa Barbara

Shop owners who want to substantially increase profits and shop efficiency by learning best practices for operating a digital shop. To attain the most value from the workshop, veteran shop owners and industry experts will attend and share their expertise. Advanced Digital Shop subscribers receive a dedicated class on advanced techniques to get to the next level. In a Workshop you can expect to:

Experience SmartFlow X and learn the standard operating procedure for the best and most innovative solution on the market for running a digital shop.
Hear first hand accounts from successful shop owners about how they are increasing ARO at least $80 with a new digital operating system for their shop.
Learn best practices and tips for engaging motorists and retaining customers in the digital age
Learn how to utilize the Business Control Panel to take control of your business and find out WHY results look a certain way using trends and metrics of staff behavior.