AutoVitals Systems Status

Current status of all AutoVitals critical Product systems


Below you will find the latest status of each of  our AutoVitals critical systems. High priority alerts and systems wide incidents are displayed first followed by specific details for each product group. If you are experiencing problems that are not covered by the system status below you can also visit our FAQ/Known Issues section using the links on the right. You may also use the Report a Problem button on the right to open a support ticket.

Maintenance & Alerts


10:45AM PST Google has resolved their problem with Google Drive, and inspections can again load normally on the SmartFlow Viewer.

We had switched all shops to use PDF. The majority of those shops will be switched back to the SF Viewer version by 11:15AM PST. There are a few remaining shops that will be left on PDF as they have a risk of some inspections not loading. This will be resolved by tomorrow and all shops will be working again on the SF Viewer.


Scheduled Maintenance 

We perform regular maintenance while shops are closed. If you often update ROs in your POS outside of your shop’s normal working hours, we can set you up to do so. Please use the “Report a Problem” button on your AutoVitals dashboard to create a request.


Products and Services

Check out any of the  product line sections below to review the current status of specific features.

SmartFlow / EIS / NAPA DVI

All Inspection Results are available in your shop specific Google Drive.                   Go There

All services and functions of SmartFlow are currently operational.


All services and functions of Retention are currently operational.


All services and functions of Acquisition are currently operational.

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