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Do you want to stand out on Google Page #1?


Of course.


  • Gaining prospective customer on Google has become harder
  • Google is still the dominant search engine (by far)
  • There are still ways for you to stand out


Introducing the Traffic Booster

You have noticed that Google has re-introduced the 5 star rating for genuine Google reviews.

In addition they offer a way of featuring the point of contact in your business as author of your website right on page #1.

What a great way of welcoming prospective customers, who are looking for a trusted shop.

We have started rolling out this new feature and two things are remarkable:

  1. It definitely promises to get more eyeballs, just see below (Larry’s AutoWorks)
    standing out larry
  2. Clicking on Larry’s image reveals a wealth of information about the business and other publications (website, YouTube videos etc.)

    auhtored  larry


Are you interested in becoming famous on Google Page #1?

Let us know and we will make it happen.



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