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Sell More Labor Hours to Increase Your Monthly Paycheck

Digital Vehicle Inspections sell 66% more work per inspection. Using a tablet-based inspection process enables your Service Advisor to build trust with the motorist and sell more work per inspection.

More work sold per inspection means more of your labor hours sold per inspection. This could dramatically increase your monthly earnings.

A Perfect Inspection, Every Time

Never miss an inspection item again with guided digital vehicle inspections. AutoVitals' inspection sheet automatically double-checks your work to make sure inspections are complete before you send them to the Service Advisor.

AutoVitals' photo editor allows you to take photos of inspection items to demonstrate to motorists what conditions need attention.

Increase Efficiency

Do you feel like you spend just as much time running between your bay and the counter to ask questions as you do actually working on the vehicle?

AutoVitals' internal chat and conversation center allows you to chat with your Service Advisor and other technicians straight from your tablet, dramatically increasing your personal and team efficiency.

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