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Technician and Labor Inventory Management

View all available labor and vehicles for the day on one home dashboard, the Today's Vehicle Page. Simply drag and drop to dispatch work.


Sell More Work

Phone based sales processes are a thing of the past. Sending motorists digital inspection results straight to their phone allows motorists to approve work straight from the inspection.

Send edited pictures of inspection items to the customer to establish trust through transparency. Additionally, our educational video library allows motorists to learn more about inspection items straight from the inspection.

Increase Efficiency

Do you feel like you spend just as much time managing interrupts in the shop as you do selling work to customers?


AutoVitals' internal chat and conversation center allows you to chat with your technicians on their tablets to dramatically increase your personal and team efficiency.

Task Management

Life as a service advisor can be overwhelming to say the least. AutoVitals' Task Manager automatically creates tasks, like review inspection and order parts, for you based on inspection status.

Never forget to send an inspection to a customer or order parts for a technician. Our task manager ensures that all tasks are monitored and reminds you to complete.

Industry Best Practices

Are you maximizing customer's drop off experience? In addition to industry leading software, AutoVitals also provides best practices resources and training to maximize your customers drop off experience.

Let AutoVitals help you manage customer relationships and create personalized follow up campaigns with your customers to create loyal customers. CRM with AutoVitals includes personalized campaigns, vehicle health reports, and appointment reminders.

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