SmartFlow Tips from Bill Connor

Tips and Tricks from one of our SmartFlow experts

SmartFlow Tips from Bill Connor

Bill Connor is a long time SmartFlow expert at Craig’s Car Care in Allen, TX. And he’s created a series of videos all about SmartFlow Tips and Tricks. Check it out!

SmartFlow Tips: Tablet Overview

Tablet Overview

Bill gives us an overview of the technician’s view of the SmartFlow app on the tablet, including where buttons and information is located, as well as details on how to log and adjust work hours. And in part two, he continues to go over some of the items on the active vehicles screen, including the order of importance of the vehicles and more details on what benefits the active screen gives the technician. CLICK HERE to watch the videos

SmartFlow Tips: Tablet & TVP – Workorder Overview

Tablet Overview v1128

Understanding the repair/work order is critical for the technician to use the SmartFlow app efficiently. In this video, Bill explains the important components of the technician work order, including the different parts of a labor operation and how to take pictures that will benefit the technician and the customer. The following video focuses on the work order on the tablet and TVP. CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips:  Chat History

Chat History

Learn how easy it is to pull up the chat history and see work orders or questions from the past. CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips: Transfer Tech Notes


See how easy it is to copy and paste tech notes from the SmartFlow work order screen into your shop management system. Keep all the correct formatting in this quick tip for Service Advisors. CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips: Add Educational Videos

Config Video

Videos can be a great educational tool for the customer. This video explains how to automatically add educational videos to your inspection reports when the techs select a condition during the inspection. Bill shows us how to configure your inspection sheet to set this up.CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips: Add or Remove Inspection Images

Image Enable or Supress

While images taken by the tech during the inspection can be very beneficial, there may be times where the service advisor does not want to include them in the inspection report. Bill gives us tips on how to add or remove inspection images before sending them to the customer. CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips: Save & View Tech Pictures

View Images

Taking pictures during digital inspections can not only help the customer understand the work that needs to be done, but it can be a big benefit for the technicians too. Using the SmartFlow app, Bill explains how techs can save pictures to the camera roll and go back and review them later. CLICK HERE to watch the video

SmartFlow Tips: Use Chat to Save Time

Test Drive

Using the SmartFlow chat feature saves time and gives the service advisor more opportunity to interact with the customer. In this tutorial, we show how easy it is to communicate when a technician is going on a test drive and mark it in the Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP).CLICK HERE to watch the video

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