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SmartCheck is a revolutionary tablet based digital inspection tool that integrates with your point of sale system.


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The Next Generation of Technician Efficiency and Motorist Engagement

Keep Techs Focused on Vehicle Work

Powerful integration with your point of sale system keeps all the information a tech needs at their fingertips

Keep Service Advisors Advising Service

One click technician dispatching from the RO and SmartChat keeps your service advisor focused on the customer


No More Pencil Whipping or Over Recommending

Tablet based digital inspections allow techs to breeze through inspections while keeping them thorough


Educate and Increase Job Authorization

Email and text customers inspections with educational information and pictures included

What is the industry saying about SmartCheck?


In my second month of using AutoVitals, my shop upsold $13,000 in additional services. This program has truly paid for itself 100 times over!

Joe Hanson - Gordies Garage


This program has been huge for our customers. When they receive the inspection they are almost always wowed by the level of detail.

Gary Gill - Concours Motors


We’ve seen a 27% increase in our AROs, gross profit margins up by almost 4%. We’ve seen $1,700 a week in additional business.

Russ Hilliard - Tires Too


Educate Motorists of your Findings By sending images of inspection finding straight to where they are already looking,  their mobile Device

Watch this Video To See How With The Press of A Button

You Can Increase Approval Rate With Digital Inspections


Alleviate frustration of trying to reach the customer by phone, and explain to them why their repair is important, we provide educational videos that explain and show the importance of repair right on their phone.

For Service Advisors

  • Dispatch vehicles with a swipe of a finger
  • Text/Email your Customers and instant message with techs quickly and easily
  • Get instant alerts and be more productive. No more lost information
  • No more paper mess! Always be organized and in control


For Technicians

  • No need to scan a VIN! Vehicles are created automatically in SmartCheck when your service advisors assigns the tech to a job line in the RO
  • Interactive tablet based inspections. Techs can take pictures and add focal points to images to highlight problem areas
  • Instantly send a digital worksheet to the Tech’s tablet from the POS
  • Instant message with the front counter right from the tablet

1. Unproductive Technicians



2. Motorists Are Left Guessing About Vehicle Repairs



3. Pencil Whipping & Over Recommending

Leave money on table v5



The Shop Before

If your shop is using an old fashioned paper based inspection process coupled with a computer based point of sale system you may be losing more valuable time and potential opportunity than you ever could have guessed.

1 – Technicians are wasting tremendous amounts of their own time walking back and forth to the front and back of your shop while also wasting the time of your service advisors by interrupting them to get more information.

2 – Service advisors have trouble explaining repairs to motorists over the phone, so jobs go unsold. Motorists in today’s world communicate through email and text message and that is how they expect to communicate with businesses too.

3 – Technicians who are not paid to do inspections, or who don’t trust their service advisor to sell recommendations, tend to pencil whip and over recommend. Attention to detail goes out the window.



Now With SmartCheck

With SmartCheck, your shop now has the ability to stay in sync and operate more efficiently. With shop management system integration you can keep your techs focused on the back shop with all the information they will ever need right at their fingertips, and service advisors will stay focused on providing quality customer service with the ability to communicate with and dispatch technicians with the push of a button.

1 – Technicians can focus on their vehicle work with information like OEM service recommendations from their POS right on the tablet and easily stay in contact with service advisors through digital chat preventing constant trips to the front.

2 – Service advisors include educational information, pictures, and videos on the inspection making approving work a no brainer for the motorist. Communication with motorists happens through email and text message making motorists happy and appreciate the professional service your shop provides.

3 – High definition images and detailed technician notes give the service advisor everything they need to sell effectively. Now your techs and service advisors can work as a team and more jobs get sold.

Click here to see what your new digital inspections could look like


1. Quick and easy communication between the front and back



2. Motorist education increases job authorization



3. Engage motorists like never before in and out of the shop

Inspection Result Trends After v4



Powerful Point of Sale Integration

By connecting to the front and back shop, SmartCheck dynamic integration with your point of sale allows your team to work together more effectively then every before. Some of the biggest advantages with SmartCheck’s integration:

  • Send the work order / inspection sheet to the tech’s tablet simply by creating it in your point of sale. No extra steps required..
  • Send tech worksheets (repair orders) with job lines already assigned right to techs tablets. Job description, customer concerns, part info, service history, and more are now available on the tablet instantly.
  • 2 way customer communication is seamless. No need to lookup motorist emails, they are pulled right from your point of sale.
  • Techs have the ability to recommend canned jobs right from the tablet reducing service advisors busy work.

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