SEO Services

SEOThe AutoVitals SEO team evaluates and optimizes key site metrics to ensure our customers’ websites will be at the top of the list.

Each Search and Analytics Specialist works with our shop owners to build each website on the foundation of our, SEO-optimized platform.

Basic SEO efforts are centered on the shop’s needs and the sites are optimized for each specific market. Local area SEO set-up, search optimized inventory link pages, clean site code, search engine-friendly/search engine-safe (SEF/SES) URLs, sitemap and vehicle-specific URL and title are standard for each website.

Our SEO team will assist those shop owners who want to build on the basics with additional SEO services. A thorough consultation determines which of our three levels of increasingly aggressive services (listed below) will best fit each dealer.

  • Profile claiming
  • Keyword tracking and reporting
  • Relevant and timely white papers
  • Call tracking and reporting
  • Site content reviews and edits
  • Recommendations for blog topics and publication schedule
  • Scheduled proactive consultations
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