Selected Mechanical Shop Websites

Please select the one website you feel represents an auto repair shop like yours the best. We will create a website for you based on the one you chosen and adjust color and layout based on your logo. Please click on the image to see the full image of the home page.




The “Can’t Miss Me One”

This website focuses on a clear and simple message to engage the searching motorist right away. It’s menu items are enlarged for best navigation. It has one of the highest engagement rates and is best for All Makes, All Models Auto Repair Shops. For a typical click map please click on this image








 The “Cool One”

This website is technical in nature and focuses on clear and simple messaging to capture the motorist’s attention in the first 10 seconds. It is one of the top engaging websites and its click map is here










The “Soft One”

This website uses graphical elements to create a softer and unique view and is reported to be effective especially for female motorists, This top engaging website’s click map is here





The “Uncover Our Secret One”

This website engages through a story behind the main page, which is revealed  upon clicking the “uncover our secret’ button.








The “Fine Detail One”

This website adds fine details to the way it looks and impresses by its clean design. The click map is here

heat map tech 1 auto









The “Bold One”

This website is “all things car”, and will appeal to the techies among motorists. It requires initial clicks to get to the useful information, which can filter out the price shoppers. The click map is here 










The “Educational One”

This website is made for shops, whose educational content is part of how they offer their services. The click map is here








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