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Shops using our retention program have the possibility to access a rich set of reports. One of the most important reports is the customer source report. Not all Point of Sale (PoS) software installations have the ability to define such customer sources, and even if they offer it, it is a flat list of source codes, which is great at first glance only. The benefit of defining many different customer sources and precisely track expenses, is quickly eliminated by the inability to digest information from reports with that many different sources. Not to mention that Service Advisor often forget to set the source so the resulting reports are from slightly incorrect to useless.

AutoVitals retention reports have changed this by defining a main category of customer sources (e.g., “internet”) and show the details within the subcategories (e.g., “Yelp”, “Google”,…). In order to accomplish this, all your customer sources from the PoS need to be mapped to the main categories. In addition the TVP in Smartflow will remind the service advisor about customers without source.

For those of you, who have not finished the mapping process yet and their reports might look like the one below (more than 100 unknown customers don’t make for a good report), we have introduced some help. For all of you, who use a PoS w/o support of sources or who want to want to use AutoVitals source definition exclusively w/o PoS definition, please jump right to “What if my PoS doesn’t support Customer Sources?” below.

incomplete report

Starting July 5, 2016, your Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) in SmartFlow will help your identify the need for the mapping of sources in two ways.

1.Once you enter the TVP one of two warning pop up make you aware of the extent of the missing mapping. Below on the left is the prompt for 100% missing mapping and on the right for an incomplete mapping.
mapping missingdont show again

2.Customer Names on the TVP will be blinking if the customer source in AutoVitals is unknown.
flashing name

How to Accomplish the Mapping

After you have gone to MyShop (link on the upper right of any page), follow the instructions shown in the image below.

  1. Locate the Customer Source tab
  2. Select each customer source imported from the PoS by clicking the Edit button (or Delete it if it is not relevant anymore)
  3. select the main category in AutoVitals reporting
  4. If you want to map all remaining un-mapped sources from the PoS to one source in AutoVitals called “Other New Customers” you just need to click the button “Customer Source Mapping Done”

mapping of sources

Now the flashing on the TVP will stop.

Or not. If your service advisor forgot to set the source in the PoS, the name will keep flashing. Check the next chapter how this can be a helpful reminder for your service advisor to set the right source.

What if my PoS doesn’t support Sources or I forgot to mark them in the PoS?

Just click on the flashing customer name and select the right source from the drop down on the customer source tab of the communication pop up. See the image below:

select source

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