Release Notes V1.1.25

10/07/12: Release Notes V1.1.25

Interaction notes on the Today’s Vehicle Page  and Multiple email addresses per account

In addition to the pre-release of our mobile application for iPhone and Android we have added two more useful features to AutoVitals:

a. Store interaction notes with your customer directly at the vehicle, while it is on the TVP (Today’s Vehicle Page)

b. Manage the motorist’s email address at the vehicle so that multiple email addresses for one household or even fleet can receive email campaigns, service reminders etc., but vehicle specific notifications go only to the driver of the vehicle in question.

Let’s take a look at the “Magic Tile” as we call it, where all important messaging features are numbered:

1. The communication icon, indicating what notification channels are configured (email, text, motorist has activated account or the email address is invalid).

2. The new interaction notes feature allows to capture important information about specifics of the customer’s visit or the vehicle and later review that interaction, during the call campaign for example. If the icon is just a pen, no interaction notes have been entered, if the icon is a pen on a piece of paper, previous notes have already been captured.

3. The “Frowning Smiley” shows the requests by the motorist for the appointment

4. The ‘Sun‘ (during business hours) or ‘Half Moon‘ (during after hours) icon indicates, when the motorist wants to drop of the vehicle.

5. The “Call to Confirm Appointment” warning is shown, when AutoVitals detected that the customer has scheduled an appointment but is about to become a “No Show“.

6. The “Text Message Tracking” allows the service advisor to a. look up all communication, which has happened so far using text messaging and b. reply to incoming text messages form the motorist (then the yellow ‘T’ turns into an animated red “T” sign.)


Based on many requests from you we have implemented the ability to capture a vehicle specific email address. This allows families, fleet accounts and car sharing arrangements to use more than one email address. If the shop management software supports multiple email addresses already (so far we only of YES as storing the email address at the vehicle), we will import and extract (for data base extraction customers) the correct email address for the vehicle. If you enter the email address in AutoVitals, then the new pop up window below is visible (not for Web Booster customers).


From now on we distinguish between an account email address and a vehicle email address. The following cases apply:

1. If their is already an email address at the account level, you can add the new email address only at the vehicle or update also the account email address.

2. If there is no previous email address at the account, the vehicle address becomes automatically the account email address.

Service reminders, appointment reminders, pick-up as well as recall alerts and all other vehicle specific notifications are always sent to both, the account and vehicle email address, but not to the other vehicle email addresses on the same account.

Email campaigns are always sent to all email addresses on record and the motorist needs to unsubscribe both email addresses from the campaign, if no notification is requested.

Happy emailing!

07/22/12: Release Notes V1.1.20 

 Do you want to make sure you follow up with a customer, whom you talk to at pick-up and want to reach after a certain amount of days? No problem, the new release allows you to select a certain amount of days at pick up (click on the image to the left to see how). The exact amount of days later, the follow up campaign (reachable through the retention campaign link on your dashboard) will list the people you wanted to call (click on the image below to see how to select the list of call backs). Never miss a phone call to the customer again!



Another exciting step has been started with V1.1.20: We are implementing our real-time data base extraction feature for selected pilot shops. The first three shop management systems are YES, Mitchell1, RO Writer and Winworks. This new technology will offer you all AutoVitals features without the need to print, since we get the data in real-time from your database. For example, you can schedule your appointments in your SMS, and AutoVitals will populate your Google Shop Calendar, and sends out appointment confirmation emails and text messages as appointment reminders. And many more features to come. Please be aware that this a pilot phase, the official roll out will be announced soon. If you want to be a pilot shop, please reach out by leaving a message here or send an email to [email protected]



06/25/12: Release Notes V1.1.19 

We have made the service advisor’s life even more effective!
When motorists pick up their vehicle, seasoned service advisors recommend the regular maintenance items for the next visit, and have looked it up in a service recommendation catalog.
We have integrated the ALLDATA catalog and display all services due at the next recommended visit to the service advisor in the pick up window, so he/she can select the ones the motorist at the counter will be educated on and which then will be added to the service reminder email and the appointment request page for the next visit.
Check out the training video for VitalConnect or Total Package Clients.


06/04/12: Release Notes V1.1.18 

This release is dedicated to our Canadian clients, since we have introduced ‘Kilometer’ instead of ‘Miles” and to our clients who want to select specific customer segments when sending postcards.

As you can see below you can select now a time window as well as the kind of customers for the export of addresses and all recommendations for the next visit will be exported as well.

This allows for a highly personalized letter to your customers.









Release Notes V1.1.17

I am excited to announce quite a bit of  new and valuable features, which improve the user experience of your customers when contacting you and lead to more appointments!

In addition you can download a retention report, answering important questions about your retention rate and hopefully create new questions on how to improve it. Those questions will be discussed in one of our next Service Advisor Huddle Webinars.

Scheduling Appointments

  • Collision Shop customers can now upload images when requesting an estimate, for more information please check out the training video.
  • Add Promotional Messages to your Mobile Website. Define a promotional text in MyShop/Customer Communication Settings for your Mobile Website,
    and it will appear on your website once you submitted it in AutoVitals.
  • In addition you can author information on your AutoVitals dashboard in MyShop/Customer Communication Settings, which will appear as scrolling text on the request appointment form on your mobile and full website. Designed for additional information when requesting the appointment, you can use it for promotional messages as well.
  • Some of you prefer to get back to the customer by phone but still like to know the email address as well.
    Go to MyShop/Customer Communication Settings and check the boxes for both the phone and email address.


Retention Rate Report

Don’t you have a list of questions to assess the quality of your retention and you couldn’t find the answer for them?
Look no further, the answers to the following questions are now downloadable from the report center.

  1. How many of my first time customers return to the shop?
  2. How often do my customers visit me during the year?
  3. What portion of my existing customers follow my advice for the due date of the next regular service?
  4. How often do vehicles of a certain make visit my shop on average per year?

We believe this report gives you a lot of insights and we would be stoked, if you could give us feedback on what this metrics tell you and what other metrics might be important to you.  Please reply by using the reply form at the bottom of this page or

call us at 866 949 2848.


Interface with QuickTrac
(the leading technician and service advisor productivity software)

QuickTrac subscribers, who use Mitchell1 as shop management system (SMS) can now eliminate duplicate entries in QT. Mitchell1 is the second SMS after YES.
AutoVitals transfers the following values automatically to QT:

  • Service advisor name
  • Hours estimated
  • RO number
  • Estimate or Invoice value

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