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In 2017 John, identified a problem. Techs were always standing around for advisors, who couldn’t dispatch the work and get the estimates done quickly enough.” Watch how he solved the problem by introducing a production manager, combined with the right process and tools to increase his weekly revenue by 83% in 18 months.

When Fred started his shop, he micro-managed everything himself, since nobody else could do it as good as Fred.. His epiphany happened when his staff told him the solution one day

Adam quickly drew a Picasso about the situation in every shop and not only were bids flowing in to buy it, it illustrates the challenge every shop is facing beautifully. Check whether you see your shop in the picture.

Adam, Fred and John swap their convictions about what skills are needed to hire a production manager vs a service advisor. It turned out to be crucial for the success of their business.

John’s SAs were reluctant to switch to the new system and he promised they would switch back after a month if nothing worked. Listen to what happened just two days later.

Task Manager vs Task Pool? Bill shows how it works in real life with AutoVitals’ TVP.X

Bill and Adam get down to what drives success and how Adam’s shop made it from $600k to $2Mill. Revenue w/o even doubling the staff

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