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Dealership quality inspection results and integrate with your (SMS) including OEM service recommendations and TSBs/Recalls.
AutoVitals Paperless Back Shop provides an integrated tool set that can boost productivity techs and service writers while increasing profits. PBS delivers digital tablet based inspections, integration with your Shop Management Systems and tablet based work orders.

Shops across the country are discovering that much of their business revenue is shifting from repair work to preventative maintenance services and that performing inspections is a great way to generate additional preventative maintenance work. The key to success however is to produce high quality inspection results for the customer that are easy to understand and likely to result in approval for suggested service. Tablet based vehicle inspections enable dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms, which reduces time spent by both service advisors and technicians during the inspection process.

The next logical step is to extend the digital process to support the technician during work on the vehicle by providing electronic notification of work to be done. Technicians are also provided an electronic worksheet where they can record their activity including voice to text notes, images of affected areas and voice recordings. With real-time integration to your Shop Management Systems technicians can easily look up information about the vehicle including service history, OEM recalls and TSBs, And since worksheets are integrated with digital inspections the technician can easily spot missed previously skipped recommendations.

Watch how Joe increases profits and improves communication with the PBS  

Automating the business process and workflow automation with Shopflow.

  • More jobs sold vs. Paper Inspections 76%
  • Average Repair Order Profits Increase using PBS 35%


Tablet based vehicle inspections enable dramatic time savings as well as substantial increases in average RO through automation and elimination of paper forms.


Real time integration enables you to compare service history with OEM recommended services recalls and TSBs so that motorist can be educated about skipped services and recalls.


Technicians receive work directly on the tablet where they are able to record the entire activity including time spent voice to text notes, pictures and videos of affected areas.


Complete digital documentation of inspections results, job activity, vehicle history and service recommendations builds customer loyalty and increases long term revenue.

SmartFlow enables you to boost productivity of both service advisors and technicians and save over 15 minutes per vehicle while producing dealership quality inspection results. Integration with your Shop Management Software (SMS) provides complete service history as well as OEM service recommendations and TSBs/Recalls. With SmartFlow you can save a ton of time, get increased visibility into your process, and you’re able to communicate better with your customers.


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The AutoVitals Service Recommendation Videos are designed to give shop owners easy access to an extensive library of professionally produced video segments covering a wide range of auto service and repair topics. Using this library, shop owners can provide their customers with a short educational experience about a specific service or repair in a form that is unobtrusive and provides a level of comfort for the motorist they might not otherwise experience.

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