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Welcome to the Electronic Inspection Sheet from AutoVitals, or EIS. In this video, I’ll show you how to sign up and register a new device. First, just enter the name of your shop, your phone number (including area code), and a valid email address. Then, if you’re a current Autovitals customer, tap existing Autovitals shop otherwise tap send me my credentials.

You’ll receive an email at the address you just entered with your eight character password and a link that allows you to configure your inspection sheets. To start we’re going to set up a new technician to use with EIS so just click the link in your email which opens a new page in your web browser where you can edit the inspection sheet settings In this example there is already one technician defined but we’re going to add another one who’ll be assigned to this new device.

just enter the technicians name. You can optionally upload a picture to represent him from your computer and then click, add technician. this time we’re just going to use the default image but you can always change it again later. Next, there is a tab on this page which allows you to find service advisers in the same way.

And, as with the technician setup, we recommend that you upload a picture for each so there will be a visual representation of who worked on each step. You will also find a shop management tab here where you will need to record the details about your shop including a logo and address. If your using using the EIS integrated edition this information will be already filled out.

This information is used when printing inspection results for your customers and finally on this page you’ll have the ability to upload a list of canned jobs including job ID, title and description as defined in your shop management software application You’ll have to export the list from your sms first, then upload the list in csv, or comma separated file format.

Now that you have technicians and service advisers to find, let’s go back to the EIS application on your tablet device. Enter your email address and the password you received email, and tap authenticate. Next, click the settings icon on the left side of the screen, so that you can assign a technician to this device.

On the setting page, tapping the assigned technicians box, displays a list of defined technicians. If you leave none selected anyone can use this device. Select one, makes the device a personal tool like any other tool in his tool box. So, I’ll select one, tap done, that’s it. Now this device is assigned Tim Technician.

In the next video, I’ll walk you through how to use the auto vitals electronic inspection sheet.

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