You Are Digital. Now What?



 Critical Success Factors for a Digital Shop

  1. Build an Inspection Sheet with as many conditions and actions as possible

  2. Tailor the Inspection Sheet to save tech’s and service advisor’s time:

    • Use Canned Jobs, Job Kits, etc.

    • Configure the information to educate motorists

  3. Configure Canned Jobs so that Service Advisor(s) and Techs are in synch

  4. Define your Workflow and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for techs and service advisors

  5. Measure and manage KPIs, adjust behavior accordingly

 “Yeah!… we got the new Digital Inspection Tool. Techs, here are the tablets, throw away paper and start using the new tool. Then let’s get on with life. We will make more money soon.”


“Not getting paid for inspections is not fun, now I have to change my ways and have no idea why this would help me. Paper is faster anyway. It is not creating more billable hours magically, is it?”


“I am busy at the counter already, now another software. I hope it is worth it, and I can sell more services. It is hard enough now.”

Sound familiar? This is one way of changing the paper based process into a digital one in the shop. The odds for success are miniscule though. There is a process and structure to it, and the list of critical success factors have to be implemented. Otherwise you end up with another powerful smartphone you are still trying to figure out and can’t take advantage of.


Tablet Based Digital Inspections

For Technicians

Take high-def images of recommended repairs and have information at your fingertips

On Screen Workflow Management

For Service Advisors

Know what’s going on in your shop, dispatch techs, and communicate from a single screen

Shop Productivity Reports

For Shop Owners

Comprehensive shop productivity and efficiency reports are only a click away

Email & Text Communication

For Customers

Automated email and text communicaiton with customers through your shop dashboard

Competitive Digital Solutions



SmartFlow with TeE – Times



Customize Inspection Sheets for Your Shop


Fixed Sheets, which look like Paper Sheets

  • Most competitive solutions didn’t implement many time savings for the technician. They just moved the paper based approach to the tablet.
  • Digital sheets and paper sheets look alike and the technicians spends lots of unproductive time capturing the conditions by taking notes.
  • This impacts the consistency of performing inspections identically to paper and the gain is limited to a better looking inspection result for the motorist, but no time savings for the technician or service advisor.

inferior Bolt-On screen

Customizable Digital Sheets are Better

  • Tablet based inspections are not size constrained like paper based ones. Instead of taking notes SmartFlow inspections allow the technician to just “Tap, Tap and Snap a picture“.
  • If certain topics need to be moved or changed, use the inspection sheet configuration and within a few moments the sheet is updated and fits better the technician’s most efficient way of working on the vehicle.

SmartFlow Inspections

The following AutoVitals Products offer this capability:

  • SmartFlowDVIDVVI


Make the Inspection Results Smart And Educational

Inspections Results Need to Be Interpreted and Explained

  • Either service advisors are forced to interpret the inspection results and turn them into jobs on the estimate or technicians are relied on to build the estimate with a lot of finger action on the tablet.
  • Educational information for the motorist is provided orally by the service advisor without any additional help.

competitor results


Inspection Results Include Canned Jobs and Education

  • Technicians select canned jobs with a finger tap on the tablet, and will be populated directly onto the estimate by either Copy & Paste or all canned jobs with a single button press (SmartFlow).
  • Smartphone optimized educational info, incl. videos and past results, will be added automatically answering the questions “Why Now?”

inspection result on smartphone


image viewer









The following AutoVitals Products offer this capability:

  • SmartFlowDVI (NAPA Service Assistant), DVVI (NAPA Service Assistant)


Are Techs and Service Advisor in synch?


Techs and Service Advisors don’t learn to be consistent

  • Competitive Digital Inspection solutions are not designed to help you in creating a consistent process, which holds both accountable and make them work together more closely.
  • Service Advisors use the Work in Progress screen in the Point of Sales software to stay on top of things
  • Tech and Service advisors run back and forth between bay and counter to get the latest status



Technicians and Service Advisor enjoy working together

  • Using especially designed reports, techs and service advisor(s) start reaping the benefits from increasing trust in each other.
  • These reports help defining the best canned jobs and pin point pencil-whipping and over-recommending behavior.
  • The Workflow Management and Tech Dispatching makes the service advisor the flight controler in the shop, and the running back and forth between counter and service bay is a thing of the past. You might want to buy them a gym membership.
  • Additional Onsite Training will amplify the positive impact on our business

SmartFlow Workflow Management


The following AutoVitals Products offer this capability:

  • SmartFlow

You want to improve your business but don’t know what to change exactly?


Countless hours calculating numbers and typing into spreadsheets

  • The POS reports and the Digital Inspection Solutions only give you reports about results.
  • You as shop owner want to measure behavior and not only results, since only what you can measure you can change effectively.
  • The lack of reports makes you spend countless hours calculating numbers and filling out spreadsheets to gauge shop performance.

Lost Productivity


Measure and create positive change with in-depth reports generated in seconds

  • All activities by techs and service advisors are captured.
  • Run the reports that give you technician productivity, efficiency and anything else you always wanted to know. You are in for a surprise!
  • Once identified, teach your service advisor and tech how to document and sell the need for a fluid service and monitor progress from your favorite vacation spot.


The following AutoVitals Products offer this capability:

  • SmartFlowDVI (Technician Effectiveness only), DVVI (Technician Effectiveness only)



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