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Murphy's Autocare Transforms to SmartFlow

A case study on the progress of moving to a paperless shop with SmartFlow

Murphy’s Autocare is a family owned and operated, one-stop, super convenient, bumper-to-bumper, auto service center. Recently, owners Dave and Jan Murphy made the decision to remove their paper rack to help improve their business process. Murphy’s chose SmartFlow from AutoVitals, which combines digital inspections, tablet based worksheets and visual workflow displays unified with world class workflow automation to get the job done.  In this case study you can hear about their expectations as they move forward, watch as Murphy’s tears out their existing front counter to add two touchscreen monitors (giVINg the service advisors the ability to partner up with their customers on the right side of the counter), and follow along as they make the full transition to SmartFlow. You’ll see videos taken at their shop, time-lapse footage of the construction, and be able to read their blog updates. Be sure to subscribe to get email updates so you wont miss a step on their Journey to SmartFlow.

Expectations from SmartFlow

Murphy’s Autocare in BeaverCreek OH, is in the process of remoVINg their paper rack. They’ve taken the first step and are doing digital inspections, but listen to what they have to say about their expectations from SmartFlow.  NOTE: For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode

Front Counter Transformation Timelapse

Check out the latest update from Murphy’s Autocare. Where they transform their front counter The monitors with the SMS are embedded in the counter. And two touch screens will not only host SmartFlow for the service advisors, they also can be swiveled around so customers get educated.  NOTE: For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode

Before SmartFlow

RemoVINg the paper-rack in your shop may feel daunting at first, but is a necessary step if you want to improve your overall process and communication. At Murphy’s Autocare, they have taken the first steps, but still face some challenges within their shop. Listen as they talk about their current workflow and hear how they expect SmartFlow to improve efficiency and ultimately help their customers.

So, by combining digital inspections with a workflow management tool like SmartFlow, Murphy’s is taking the right steps to become more efficient and improve the overall process in their shop.  NOTE: For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode.

Customer Retention

Murphy’s AutoCare continues to improve upon their business by leveraging tools from AutoVitals. Customer retention and relationship building are their to being successful. So, find out how the Murphy’s are reaching out to their existing customers and getting them back in the shop. NOTE: For best visibility please watch the video in full-size mode.

Project Timeline

Links will appear here for each step in the project as it grows.

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