Exercise 3.1.7 SA does not talk motorist through the inspection results using the selling script.


  1. Print out Conduct SA monitoring checklist

  2. Review Customer drop off script with SA

    1. This sets the expectation that the SA will call the motorist to review the inspection report.

    2. We must now meet the expectation.

  3. Review how to sell using the inspection report.

  4. Role play with SA the entire sales process where Owner/Manager is the customer. Instruct the SA to follow the entire process of selling an inspection result.

  5. Clarify the shops priorities pertaining to customer handling and that every customer deserves the same thorough educational experience. Explain that when there are several customers who need to be called at the same time that it is okay to take the time to provide thorough service to each customer.

  6. Monitor SA by physically listening to their process using the  SA monitoring checklist for 2 customer drop offs and 2 customer sales calls per day for 5 days.

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