3.1.3 SA not emailing inspection results to customer



  1. Run Inspection Metrics Report for the period in question.
  2. Show SA the Inspection Metrics Report findings for number of emails manually sent and number of customer emails collected.
  3. Print out Conduct SA monitoring checklist
  4. Review Customer drop off script with SA
  5. Role play where Owner/Manager is customer and SA uses drop off script during customer check in ensuring goals are met.
    • Set Motorist¬†expectation to communicate digitally
    • Obtain email
    • Set customer expectation on timeline
  6. Review how to sell using the inspection report.
    • Inspection report must be emailed to customer to in order to sell from inspection report.
  7. Role play where Owner/Manager is customer and SA uses inspection report to educate customer and sell work.
  8. Monitor SA by physically listening to their process using the  SA monitoring checklist for 2 customer drop offs and 2 customer sales calls per day for 5 days.
  9. Run Inspection Metrics Report daily and consult with SA on the improving numbers until the goal is achieved.


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