Exercise 3.1.28 Technicians and SA’s leaving their workstation to communicate on workorder related issues.

  1. Run TeE-Times report for previous pay period.

  2. Gather Technicians and SA’s.

  3. Review report and point out the hours on clock vs hours paid.

  4. Point out that any time spent waiting or walking back and forth does not contribute to increasing hours paid.

  5. Demonstrate chat and alert usage between the TVP and tablet.

  6. Ensure audible alerts are turned on on the TVP and on tablets.

  7. Have Technicians and SA’s report to their workstations.

  8. Instruct Technician to send a smart alert and then ask a question via chat.

  9. Instruct SA to respond with a chat.

  10. Instruct SA and Technician that they must remain at their workstation and keep all communications pertaining to workorders in writing even if they verbally communicate in passing. Any verbal communication must also be in writing via chat.

  11. Monitor SA workstation and interrupt the SA every time the attempt to walk to the shop to communicate with the Technician. Instruct the SA to return to their station and chat the Technician. After SA chats technician monitor the Technician to ensure they receive and respond to the chat.

  12. Monitor SA workstation and interrupt any Technician that is attempting to walk to the front to communicate with the SA. Instruct the Technician to return to their tablet and chat the information to the SA. After the Technician chats the SA monitor the SA to ensure they respond to the chat alert.

  13. Continue visual monitoring daily.

  14. Monitor alert history to ensure timely responses between Tehcnicians and SA’s

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