Exercise 3.1.27 Techs not using Smart Alert for instant SA notification

  1. Conduct this exercise when you observe a Technician waiting to talk to a SA about an urgent issue.

  2. Gather Technician and SA

  3. Discuss the urgent issue between the Tech and SA to understand why the Tech is waiting to talk to SA.

  4. On the tablet – open the workorder for the specific vehicle.

  5. Take a photo of the issue on the pertinent job on the workorder.

  6. Use voice to text to record notes pertaining to the issue.

  7. Tap the Smart Alert button.

  8. On the TVP – point out the smart alert and the audible alert.

  9. Click on the alert link and review the workorder with the Technician and SA.

  10. Explain how the creates a permanent record of the communication that “does the waiting for you” if the SA is busy handling a customer or tending to another matter. This prevents lost Technician productivity due to waiting and also removes human error in verbal communications and forgetting.

  11. Close the workorder.

  12. Clear the alert.

  13. Click on alert history. Explain how the communication can still be retrieved using the alert history if there is a question about the issue later in the day. This again prevents interrupting the Technician productivity.


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