Exercise 3.1.26 Techs failing to mark off progress of jobs

  1. Identify a workorder in which the Technician has not properly marked jobs complete.

  2. On the TVP chat to the technician to update the job completion status for each job.

  3. Run TeE-Times report for previous pay period.

  4. Gather Technician and SA to review report.

  5. Point out the metric “Jobs auto completed at pickup”. This metric should be ZERO.

  6. Explain to Technician that when they fail to mark jobs done on the worksheet that we recognize it at pickup.

  7. On the tablet – Open a workorder and mark several jobs done and several others at 50% complete.

  8. On the TVP in TechView point out to the SA and Technician the increased hours completed for the day for the technician.

  9. On the TVP in TechView on the vehicle tile point out how the hours complete is updated as the Technician marks jobs complete. Explain that the SA uses this information to communicate vehicle completion expectations to the customer without interrupting the technicians productivity. Explain that without this behavior the  SA woud either have to chat or walk back and disrupt the Technician several times per day.

  10. On the TVP open the workorder and point out the job completion status symbols for each job. Explain how the SA can use this information when communicating with a customer.

  11. Close the workorder on the TVP.

  12. On the tablet – Mark all jobs complete on the workorder.

  13. On the TVP in TechView point out that the vehicle tile is overlaid by a large green checkmark signifying that the the jobs are all marked complete.

  14. Reinforce to the technician that they must still submit the workorder as “Work Complete” as a positive indicator of completion and to alert the SA to the change in status.

  15. Instruct the Technician that the best practice is: Mark off progress of all jobs every time they “save” a workorder and move on to another vehicle.

    • Update progress before saving or submitting a workorder and moving to another vehicle

    • Update progress before clocking out for lunch or end of day



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