Exercise 3.1.25 Technician does not submit workorder when done.

  1. Gather Technician and SA with a tablet and TVP. On the tablet open a workorder and select “Submit” and choose a canned response of “Work Complete”.

  2. Point out to the Technician and SA that by submitting complete workorders the Technician affirms that he is finished working on the vehicle and the SA receives a positive alert of this. This is differs from the green checkmark because the Technician is compulsively reporting completion.

  3. On the tablet – open the workorder and mark all jobs complete.

  4. Show the green checkmark to the Technician.

  5. Explain how the green checkmark may be out of view if the vehicle is queued below other vehicles and out of sight. The green checkmark is a passive indicator of job completion.

  6. Hit “Submit” on the tablet and choose “Work Complete” on the canned message.

  7. Point out how the alert combined with audible alert is an active message that attracts the SA attention to vehicle that may be out of view.

  8. Monitor TeE-Times reports daily to identify long delays between all jobs complete and vehicle being moved to “Waiting for Pickup”


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