Exercise 3.1.24 Tech does not open workorder when starting work on vehicle or does not save workorder when moving to a different vehicle.

  1. Run TeE-Times report for previous pay period. Select “Count all RO’s”

  2. Point out unusually high Tech Efficiency.

  3. Explain that the hours worked is the total hours that a Technician has a workorder open during the pay period and that Tech Efficiency is the hours paid divided by hours worked.

  4. Monitor technician throughout the week by spot checking which RO is open vs which vehicle the technician is working on using the TechView on TVP. The green status bar will show which workorder the technician has open.

  5. Run TeE-Times report daily for all open workorders and look for Tech Effficiency to normalize around the 100% range depending on Technician skill.


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