Exercise 3.1.18 Technicians not using ZZZ feature

Review this blog post for more information on the ZZZ feature and then conduct the exercise below with your technicians.

  1. Show Technician an inspection result prior to editing.

  2. Demonstrate the editing process required to remove/change tech notes that are not intended for the customer.

  3. On the tablet – Open a vehicle and select the inspection tab.

  4. In a notes field make comments intended for the SA only and end them with a ZZZ.

  5. Make comments for the customer.

  6. Submit the inspection.

  7. Review the inspection result on the TVP with the Technician. Point out how both comments appear in the result on the TVP.

  8. Generate the customer PDF report.

  9. Point out that the SA only comments prior to the ZZZ do not appear on the customer’s PDF report.



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