Exercise 3.1.17 SA does not Apply “Future Attention” concept to recommended actions

  1. Explain to SA that internally the Future Attention items are treated the same as Immediate Attention items until the educational process occurs with the customer. All Future Attention items will be added to the workorder as jobs the same way that Immediate Attention items are. During the sales process the SA will explain the Future Attention items in the same detail as Immediate Attention items. The only change in the process is the emphasis with regards to timeline of service or repair. They are equally as important but they may not become Immediate until the next few service intervals. Using the same educational process for Future Attention allows the Motorist to decide that it’s more convenient to conduct the repairs now instead of later.

  2. On the next inspection instruct the SA to import all recommended actions to the workorder and add jobs for remaining actions that are not canned jobs.

  3. Role play with the SA the process of selling with the inspection report where Owner/Manager is the customer. Ensure the SA explains ALL items that are other than “Good” on the inspection sheet with the same educational emphasis. Agree to purchase several of the “Future” items out of convenience and concern for distance between service intervals.

  4. Monitor SA by physically listening to their process using the  SA monitoring checklist for 2 customer drop offs and 2 customer sales calls per day for 5 days ensuring that the SA does not avoid educating the motorist on “Future” items.


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