Exercise 3.1.16 SA not leveraging videos and customer notes in inspection report

  1. Verify that AutoVitals Master Inspection Sheet is the basis for shops inspection sheet.

  2. Verify that customer notes (cn) and videos (v) are populated in the conditions of the sheet.  

  3. Print out Conduct SA monitoring checklist

  4. Review Customer drop off script with SA

  5. Review how to sell using the inspection report.

  6. Role play with SA where shop owner acts as motorist and SA uses the scripts during customer drop off sales process to educate motorist.

    1. Ensure SA references the videos and notes in an example inspection during drop off.

    2. Ensure SA asks motorist if they watched the videos upon receiving the inspection report by email.

  7. Monitor SA by physically listening to their process using the  SA monitoring checklist for 2 customer drop offs and 2 customer sales calls per day for 5 days.


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