Exercise 3.1.15 Too many or too few inspection topics on the inspection sheet which causes the technician to spend extra time completing the inspection.

  1. Verify your default inspection sheet is based on the AutoVitals Master Inspection Sheet. If not:

    • Make a copy of the Master Inspection Sheet

    • Choose a name for the sheet

    • Set it as your default inspection sheet

    • Complete the remaining steps using this sheet

  2. Print out inspection sheet change recommendation forms for each technician. Hand out the forms to each technician.

  3. Print out your SOP.

  4. Conduct 1 inspection with each technician following your SOP step by step in detail.

  5. Note any topics that need to be added to the inspection sheet in order to execute EVERY step on your SOP.

  6. Note any extra topics that are not touched during the inspections with each technician.

  7. Collect every inspection sheet change form.

  8. Review the chang forms for common recommendations.

  9. On the Today’s Vehicle Page click on the “Inspection Sheets” Icon.

  10. Ensure your default inspection sheet is selected.

  11. Delete unused topics by selecting the “trash can” icon in the topic box.

  12. Add new topics by selecting the “+” on the lower right side of that category. Enter the topic name, select the position using the “before” and “after” and selecting an item to position it next to. Select “ok”

  13. Repeat steps 10 and 11 as needed until all recommended changes have occured.

Training Video Configuring Inspection Sheets

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