Exercise 3.1.14 Technicians are entering values for items instead of selecting from conditions or actions

  1. On the Today’s Vehicle Page click on the “Inspection Sheets” Icon.

  2. Ensure your default inspection sheet is selected.

  3. On the first topic, click on the yellow pencil in the topic box.

  4. Below the “conditions” column click on the “+”

  5. Type in a specific measurement or a range of measurements. Example: In the case of brake pad lining remaining you may decide on using either of the following; 5mm or 3-5mm. Using specific measurements provides more valuable information to the Service Advisor and Customer while only requiring a few extra minutes of work to add a full set of possible measurements as conditions on the inspection sheet.

  6. Repeat adding specific values until every possible value encountered by the Technician is listed as a condition.

  7. Gather all technicians and show them the updated inspection sheet and the new values that they can easily select.

  8. Print out and hand out inspection sheet change recommendation forms

  9. Instruct Technicians to recommend any further changes to the inspection sheet.  

  10. Collect inspection sheets every day at CLOSING and review recommended changes. Hand out the sheets at OPENING the next day. Repeat for 5 days.

  11. Monitor technicians for 5 days to ensure that they are selecting values and not entering measurements into the notes field.  

Training Video Configuring Inspection Sheets

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