Exercise 3.1.13 Not enough conditions and actions

  1. Hand out inspection sheet change recommendation  form to all techs.

  2. Have each and every Technician perform inspection with the inspection sheet chang recommendation form on a clipboard on their tool cart during inspections.

  3. Have technicians note any occurrence of typing information into the notes field on the tablet.

  4. Have technicians immediately write down recommended conditions, actions, status changes, or topic changes the instant they determine the sheet lacks the proper information or structure to inspect a vehicle without having to manually enter in information.

  5. Collect the sheets at NOON and review and make necessary changes to the inspection sheet.

  6. Hand the sheets back out to the tech by 1PM and continue the process.

  7. Collect the sheets at CLOSING and review and make changes to the inspection sheet.

  8. Repeat this for 5 days.

Training Video Configuring Inspection Sheets


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