Exercise 3.1.12 Not all actions are being converted into jobs on estimate.


  1. Run Inspection Metrics Report for the period in question.

  2. Review report results with SA emphasizing the difference in recommended actions and RO jobs.

  3. Ensure inspection sheet contains 100% of canned jobs as recommended actions where possible.

  4. Ensure Technicians are selecting conditions and actions for all topics other than “Good” during the inspection process. If not then conduct “Conditions and Actions” proficiency exercise.

  5. Ensure SA is using the SF-Add on to import canned jobs. If not then conduct “SF Add-On” proficiency exercise.

  6. Review with SA several inspection results to determine if there are other recommended actions that are not canned jobs.

  7. Use Inspection Metrics Report to determine if non canned jobs recommended actions are being added to workorder.

  8. Point out all recommended actions that were not added to the workorder.

  9. Identify if canned jobs can be created in SMS and added to inspection sheet. Create canned jobs and add to sheet.

  10. On next submitted inspection report monitor SA as the import canned jobs using SF Add-On.

  11. Review inspection sheet for other recommended actions.

  12. Instruct SA to add jobs to workorder for remaining recommended actions.

  13. Review Inspection Metrics Report daily to ensure that technician recommended actions are being converted to workorder jobs. Repeat steps 8-13 as needed until 100% of recommended actions are added as jobs to workorder.

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