Exercise 3.1.11 SA or Estimator not using SF Add-On to import canned jobs to the estimate

  1. Review inspection sheet to ensure canned jobs are loaded for 100% of possible actions. Load all possible canned jobs into inspection sheet.

  2. Review inspection results to ensure that technicians are selecting actions for every condition other than “Good”. See proficiency exercise 3.1.2.

  3. Ensure SF Add-On is installed and operational.

  4. Watch SF Add-On video appropriate for SMS

  5. Do a practice inspection and recommend 10 canned jobs. Submit the inspection.

  6. Use the SF Add-On to import the canned jobs using the “EST” button.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for with every SA.

  8. Monitor SA behavior daily to ensure SF Add-On is being used.


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