Exercise 3.1.10 Shop has not loaded canned jobs into the inspection sheet.

  1. Review your labor sales history report in your SMS for the previous 90 days.

  2. Print out the report.

  3. Verify caned jobs exist for all jobs sold more than once. Build canned jobs for any job that was sold more than once and a canned job does not already exist.

  4. On the Today’s Vehicle Page click on the “Inspection Sheets” Icon.

  5. Ensure your default inspection sheet is selected.

  6. On the first topic, click on the yellow pencil. Review your list of canned jobs from the SMS and determine which are appropriate recommended actions that would remedy the conditions for that topic.

  7. Click on the “+Job” icon in the inspection topic.

  8. Type in either the job code from your SMS or a word or two contained in the description of the canned job.

  9. Select the appropriate canned job from the search results by clicking on it and selecting “OK” at the bottom of the window.

  10. Repeat steps 7-9 until all appropriate canned jobs are added to the “Actions” column of the inspection topic.

Training Video Configuring Inspection Sheets

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