Exercise 3.1.1 Inspection segments do not follow walk around process currently used

Walk Around

  1. Print out inspection sheet change recommendation forms for each technician. Hand out the forms to each technician.

  2. Print out your SOP.

  3. Conduct 1 inspection with each technician following your SOP step by step in detail.

  4. Note any item that is not in accordance with your SOP’s sequence.

  5. Review all inspection sheet changes.

  6. On the Today’s Vehicle Page click on the “Inspection Sheets” Icon.

  7. Ensure your default inspection sheet is selected.

  8. Click on the yellow pencil icon on the first topic that needs re-sequenced.

  9. Near the top of the “edit a topic” window select the “before” or “after” option and select a topic to position it next to so that this topic is now in sequence with your SOP.

  10. If you need to change the position of a whole segment of the inspection ie. “Underhood” or “Undercar” then click on the yellow pencil on the top right of the green field which holds all of the topic boxes. Select the position as per step 9. above.

  11. Repeat steps 8-10 until the inspection topics follow the SOP sequence.

  12. Gather all technicians and show them the changed inspection form.

  13. Hand the inspection sheet change forms back out to every technician.

  14. Instruct Technicians to recommend any further changes to the inspection


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