Training Material and Webinar Recordings

Product Specific video based training materials and recordings of live webinars

In the sections below you will find links to product specific video based training programs for a wide range of topics. Each video segment is short and concise and is designed to help you better understand how to use and install our products. You will also find links to the recorded versions of our Service Advisor Huddle webinar series which are  monthly interactive panel discussions with other shop owners and some of the auto industry’s experts. Each webinar if focused around some of the challenges they have encountered and many of the solutions they have discovered. If there are additional topics which you would like to hear more about please Get in Touch to let us know.

Product Specific Training Videos

To access training information click on the package you have purchased.

  • Vital Contact  – Customer Acquisition (Formerly Web Booster)
  • Vital Retention – Customer Retention or Vital Interactive)
  • Vital Social  (Formerly Total Package)
  • The Electronic Inspection Sheet – EIS
  • SmartFlow – Shop Workflow Automation
  • NAPA Digital Vehicle Inspection – DVI

Service Advisor Huddle Webinar Recordings

The new Service Advisor Huddles now feature Bill Haas, former Auto repair Shop Owner and renowned consultant to Independent Auto Repair Owners

  • Recent Service Advisor Huddle Recordings
  • Service Advisor Huddle Archive
  • Register for an upcoming Service Advisor Huddle


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  • 7 Touchpoints – Inspect & Approval
  • AutoVitals V3.4 Sneak Peak

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