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Bring your shop in to the future with digital inspections

In today’s world where on demand information and communication is expected, motorists want more information and faster communication. 3 out of 4 motorists want to be better educated on the repairs being done on their vehicle, and over half said they would like to receive timely updates through email or text message. A small investment into tools that will improve customer experience in your shop during the repair process will lead to satisfied motorists and more money in your pocket.

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Increase Technician Productivity

Digital inspections allow technicians to save time and increase productivity significantly. With only a tap of the finger technicians can quickly and thoroughly inspect vehicles in half the time they used to. Speech to text technology and an easy to use full keyboard eliminates unprofessional messy handwritten inspections, and service writer confusion over recommendations.

Powerful Shop Technology

Powerful tablet based inspection technology allow you to include high def images right into inspections to educate motorists on necessary repairs. Upgrading to SmartFlow makes integration with  your shop management system a breeze, allowing you to have all of the information in your SMS at your fingertips at all times, ensuring an accurate and professional vehicle assessment every time.

Dealership Quality Inspections

Delivering an  inspection report that your customers are impressed with can make all the difference in the world. Generating dealership quality digital inspection reports allows you to sell more jobs and keep motorists happy, which will keep them coming back when they are in need of service.

Email Inspections Directly to Customers

Delivering a high quality inspection report to your motorists through email is the final step in securing the sale of a recommended job. Giving a motorist a visual of problem areas you uncover on their vehicle through images included in the inspection makes explaining necessary repairs much more effective leading to more approvals.

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