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See how Joe is improving his business with some help from AutoVitals!

Joe's Auto“This is Joe from Joe’s Automotive…” In this series of animated videos, you’ll see how Shop Owner Joe improves his business with some help from AutoVitals. By starting with digital inspections and the EIS, Joe is able to immediately improve the process in his shop and better communicate with his customers. And by implementing customer acquisition and retention strategies, Joe is able to beat out the competition and create long lasting customers! So watch how Shop Owner Joe, Service Advisor Bill, Super Tech Sam, and Debbie Driver all benefit from using AutoVitals’ products!

Joe’s Auto – Vital Retention

Check out how Joe’s Auto continues to retain customers thanks to their mobile application.

Joe’s Auto – Vital Contact

Check out how Joe’s Auto improves their business by attracting customers with his nontraditional website.

Joe’s Auto – Vital Social

Check out how Joe’s Auto helps make customers experience positive in and out of the shop.

Joe’s Auto – PBS Paperless Back Shop AutoVitals

AutoVitals Paperless Back Shop provides an integrated tool set that can boost productivity techs and service writers while increasing profits.

Joe’s Auto chooses NAPA DVI

Check out how Joe’s Auto improves their business using the Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) program from AutoVitals

Joe’s Auto – AutoVitals EIS

The EIS enables dramatic cost savings through automation and elimination of paper forms, which reduces time spent by both service advisors and technicians during the inspection process.

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