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Service Advisor



Drop Off

Drop Off:

  • Educating on Declined Jobs at Drop Off takes three clicks
  • Pictures of problem areas educate just on their own
  • Although in a rush to drop off the vehicle, Motorists appreciate the personalized education

Initial Work Order

Initial Work Order:

  • Techs are not waiting at the counter for work
  • Assigning work with a finger swipe
  • Inspections include images and educational videos



  • 100% of identified work lands on the estimate with one click
  • Save up to 70% of time usually to build the estimate
  • Create a consistent inspection process



  • Educating motorists is done with pictures and videos
  • Built-in email and texting makes motorists check out the results on their time
  • Service Advisors can start the conversation right where the education left it off
  • Service Advisors simply receive a job authorization by text or email
  • Compared with the old process this saves up to 75% of the service advisor's time and authorizes 50% more jobs
  • Motorists' smartphone turns into service advisor's best tool



  • Automated update about new work on tech's tablet
  • Watch tech's progress per job
  • Techs have all info on the tablet

Pick Up

Pick Up:

  • Notify the motorist by text or email
  • Review performed work visually
  • Schedule the next appointment