Inspect and Educate Online

Quickly and soundless save a few clicks, the internet is dictating modern customer communication. The phone will always have its importance. But do you know when the majority of appointments are made? If you thought anything other than Sunday night, then you are dead wrong. And unfortunate – will you be there to confirm the call, or will your physical absence lead to yet another lost customer?

AutoVitals Streamlines
With the seamless AutoVitals approach, you are instantly  linked to Google calendar so you can view your shop appointments anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection. And at an astonishing rate, this is what motorists  have access to at all times. We send appointment confirmation and reminders automatically to your customers via email, text, and smart-phone notifications. This feature ensures easy and effective communication possible with any customer, any time. The easy-to-use AutoVitals dashboard features an inventory and scheduling tab so you know whose car is in the shop and for how long. This allows you hassle-free communication with your customer how and whenever is convenient for them – at home, work, or in transit.

Bridging the Customer Communication Gap
We allow your technician to take a picture with any mobile device and send it to us. We then work with your service advisor to create an estimate with detailed images and educational topics of the repair or maintenance issue in question. This transition will streamline effective selling of your now highly-validated inspection results.
You can notify your customer when his or her vehicle is ready for pick up, and easily reply to text and email messages in order to reduce potential mis-communication and scheduling errors. Making a the automotive repair experience easier for the customer will also make it easier for you.
In shop or at home, you can identify and update incorrect email addresses and other contact information. This makes future communication of recommended services and special shop promotions simple and reliable to transmit.

Education Made Easy
At AutoVitals, we are consistently integrating with all shop management software products on the market – even DOS-based ones – in real time. No action remains unnoticed. We do the research so you don’t have to: the most advanced tools will always be at your fingertips.
Take advantage of our job educator to inform your customers which action is best to maintain or improve the health of their vehicles. A well-educated customer is a loyal customer.

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Rick Korn, Woodinville Sports Cars, Woodinville, WA


I saw the integration with ALLDATA today, with that part working I would think Autovitals is now the leader in our industry, congratulations !

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