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Hotels Near AutoVitals

If you are planning to visit AutoVitals in Goleta, here are a few hotels near our office, downtown Santa Barbara and its beautiful beaches.

AutoVitals 26 Castilian Drive – Suite A Goleta CA, 93117 (866) 949-2848

Pacifica Suites Special AutoVitals Offer

April-May            $155
June-August       $175
Sept-Dec.            $155

Included in the room rate are the following amenities:

  • Complimentary hot cooked to order plated breakfast each morning
  • Complimentary Wine, Beer and Hors D’oeuvre Reception, Mon-Thurs 5pm-7pm
  • Complimentary Shuttle service to/from Airport and Auto Vitals office
  • Complimentary wi-fi and parking

Hampton Inn Goleta

5565 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA, 93117   (866) 767-0278  

Motel 6 Goleta

5897 Calle Real Goleta, CA, 93117 (866) 925-4159

The Upham Hotel

1404 De La Vina Street   Santa Barbara, CA, 93101  (805) 962-0058 

Best Western Plus Pepper Tree Inn

3850 State Street Santa Barbara, CA, 93105 (866) 925-4159

Hilton Garden Inn

6878 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA, 93117 (866) 767-0278

Inn by the Harbor

433 W Montecito Street Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 (866) 538-1314

Super 8 Santa Barbara-Goleta

6201 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA, 93117  (805) 472-3523

Brisa del Mar, Inn at the Beach

223 Castillo Street Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 (866) 539-9234   

Motel 6 Santa Barbara-Carpinteria North

5200 Via Real Carpinteria, CA, 93013 (866) 538-0251

Things to Do in Santa Barbara

About Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara BarsSanta Barbara Bars

Ready to experience the best of Santa Barbara’s bars and establishments? We’ve got you covered. Santa Barbara is full of numerous bars, restaurants and clubs where you can grab your drink of choice, relax and enjoy yourself. See why Santa Barbara is the place for your perfect weekend getaway!

Santa Barbara BeachesSanta Barbara’s Beautiful Beaches

Most people don’t like sand; it’s course, rough, irritating and gets everywhere – Not like Santa Barbara! Here we have smooth sands, soothing waves and fantastic sunshine. Come for a day and experience the best of the beaches, one of Santa Barbara’s biggest attractions!

Biking in Santa BarbaraBiking in Santa Barbara

Besides being great exercise, biking in Santa Barbara is a fun way to get out and see the sights while soaking up its great weather. Plus, getting around on a bicycle offers more flexibility than a car does, freeing you to explore anywhere you want — not just where there’s a road and a parking lot.

Santa Barbara CampingSanta Barbara Camping

Santa Barbara beach camping is the perfect place to pitch a tent or park an RV and enjoy nature and the company of your favorite people. If you want a break from civilization, and want to get away from your vacation rental for a day, camping can be a blast in Santa Barbara.

Tours and Limo Service in Santa BarbaraChauffeuring, Tours, and Limo Service in Santa Barbara

You can really make a Santa Barbara vacation your own. It is a place that affords the opportunity for an elegant experience in the beautiful weather, or a laid back vacation that won’t break the bank. For those that are looking to pamper themselves a bit in this beautiful city, you should definitely look into the endless opportunities for tours and haVINg your very own chauffeur (trust us, the limo service Santa Barbara has to offer cannot be missed!)

Santa Barbara Day TripsDay Trips from Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a diverse area that’s popular with tourists, so there’s sure to be something that appeals to your interests! Look for your particular niche and plan your perfect Santa Barbara day trip!

Santa Barbara Family ActivitiesSanta Barbara Family Activities

Many people don’t realize that Santa Barbara is the perfect vacation destination for your next family vacation. There are tons of Santa Barbara family activities, including museums, zoos and aquariums where children of all ages can learn everything there is to know about sea life while getting the opportunity to touch and handle some of the exhibits. Santa Barbara is a city the whole family can enjoy!

Fitness and Pilates in Santa BarbaraFitness and Pilates in Santa Barbara

While on a vacation in Santa Barbara, it might be hard to imagine people working or exercising here, as the beautiful beaches and weather make it seem like a land of complete and utter relaxation. But it is actually a bustling community with plenty of both. There is no shortage of places to get a good workout in, whether you want to hit the bag at a boxing gym, lift some weights, do some yoga, take part in some Santa Barbara Pilates. Here are some of the best places to get a practice your fitness in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara GolfSanta Barbara Golf

Fore! Whether you’re a scratch golfer or you have to fight temptation to throw your clubs in the lake, Santa Barbara is home to some of the finest year-round golf courses in the world. Grab your clubs, pick up a pack of balls and get ready to spend a gorgeous day on the course with the best golf Santa Barbara has to offer!

Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours and Aerial ToursSanta Barbara Helicopter Tours and Aerial Tours

Santa Barbara is one of the most visited places in all of California and even throughout the country. There are many reasons for this, like the incredible beaches and rolling hills, the amazing weather, and the charming town itself. Seeing all of this one of a kind beauty from the air is one of the most incredible experiences that you can have. Good thing for you, there is ample opportunity to do just that with countless air charter tours of Santa Barbara. Here are some of the best Helicopter Tours and Air Tours you’ll find in this beautiful beach town.

Santa Barbara HikingSanta Barbara Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. And whether it’s the wildflowers of our National Parks or the rolling waves of our beaches, Santa Barbara hiking has the prime spot for your excursion.

Horseback Riding Santa BarbaraHorseback Riding Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a special geographic niche, located between mountains to the north and ocean to the south. With exceptional variety of terrain and consistent lovely weather, there’s no shortage of picturesque spots to horseback ride like the cowboys of yore.

Horseback Riding Santa BarbaraInland Santa Barbara

Fortunately, it’s not an either/or type situation. There are just as many fun things to do in Santa Barbara’s inland as there are in its coastal area. You can spend part of your time coast side, enjoying the activities and experiences that are uniquely Santa Barbara, and you can spend part of your time inland, traveling from VINeyard to VINeyard, getting a true taste of what a California vacation can be. But it’s not just about the wine. Inland Santa Barbara is a great place to visit for a chance to get back to nature. Whether you are hiking, biking or just taking a Sunday drive through the Santa Ynez Valley, the peace and beauty of this section of the country will steal a piece of your heart.

Kayaking in Santa BarbaraKayaking in Santa Barbara

Of the many popular means of leaVINg the land behind, kayaking in Santa Barbara is ideal for go-getters who like to take charge and enjoy wholesome exercise. It’s also excellent for people who want more individual freedom in where they go, as well as nature-lovers who want to get to quieter spots that larger ships have difficulty reaching.

Santa Barbara MuseumsSanta Barbara Museums

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Historical Museum all offer ways to examine and appreciate the forces which shape and represent the world of today and that of the past. Santa Barbara museums are educational, stimulating, and family-friendly, and a trip to one lends a feeling of sophistication to any vacation.

Pet-Friendly Santa Barbara AttractionsPet-Friendly Santa Barbara Attractions

Family vacations just aren’t the same without the whole family. If you’re taking Fido or Whiskers along on your trip to Santa Barbara, you do NOT want to miss the most animal-friendly locales it has to offer. Check out the top locales for you and your four-legged friends to have a blast!

Private Chefs and Santa Barbara CateringPrivate Chefs and Santa Barbara Catering

Preparing food on vacation can be the last thing that you want to do while enjoying Santa Barbara. Going out to eat can also be a drag because maybe you have a beautiful Santa Barbara vacation rental that you want to make the most out of. You also get to pick exactly what you want to eat based on the menus and styles of a variety of chefs and catering businesses. This makes it easier than ever to enjoy something healthy as well as delicious. You will love hiring a personal chef or Santa Barbara catering company, as it will make you feel pampered without breaking the bank.

Santa Barbara RestaurantsSanta Barbara Restaurants

Bon appetit! From savoring the succulent taste of delicious seafood to the eyeing a fine-cooked steak or roast cooked to perfection, Santa Barbara is the king of local eats. Be sure that you don’t miss a taste of all the best that Santa Barbara has to offer in its restaurants and eateries.

Santa Barbara SailingSailing

Sailing in Santa Barbara is a pastime that anyone visitor can get into. There’s just something magical about skimming across the water’s surface, the sails snapping in the wind and the cool ocean mist dampening your hair and cheeks; once you try it, you will be hooked. Admit it, you’re intrigued already, aren’t you?

Santa Barbara ShoppingSanta Barbara Shopping

Do you want to return home with something to show for your vacation? Are souvenirs your favorite way to bring back the memories of an amazing vacation? Do you enjoy fresh air and a little exercise? If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you need to hit the streets for some shopping in Santa Barbara!

Santa Barbara Sky DiVINgSky DiVINg

For the daring and adventurous souls out there, the opportunity to jump from a plane—and live to see another day—is an irresistible one that most people find outrageous. It’s ok, we get you, and we understand that it takes a particular type of personality to really enjoy sky diVINg. If you’re that person, then this article is written just for you. Going for a sky dive near Santa Barbara is one experience that EVERYONE should try at least once in their life time!

Offshore Snorkeling in Santa BarbaraOffshore Snorkeling in Santa Barbara

Crystal clear water, lively sea creatures and an abundance of supply stores makes Santa Barbara on eof the best when it comes to snorkeling. If you’re an old pro or if you’re ready to try something fun and new, visit Santa Barbara today to get the best gear and tours around!

Spas in Santa BarbaraSpas in Santa Barbara

You’ve been thinking about taking a couple of days off and getting away from it all anyway, why not plan a vacation to one of the spas in Santa Barbara, California? This beautiful town on the California coast is famous for its arts and cultural scene, historical architecture, beautiful parks, and is home to some of the best spas to be found in all the United States!

Santa Barbara ToursSanta Barbara Tours

Diverse geography and a fantastic climate make Santa Barbara a host to many kinds of activities. With so much to offer, visitors and locals are never at a loss for something to do! You’re sure to spend the day smiling and head home with great stories and memories. All you need to do is find the Santa Barbara tour that suits you!

Yoga in Santa BarbaraYoga in Santa Barbara

We all need a break from the hectic nature of our lives from time to time. Taking that break frequently can make all the difference in calming your mind and making life feel just a bit less hectic. Yoga has been one of the most loved and successful ways in doing just that for centuries. Today, there are so many forms of yoga that serve to exercise your body and calm your mind, and many of those forms are represented in countless yoga venues throughout Santa Barbara. While there are seemingly endless places to do some great yoga, these are some of the most popular Santa Barbara yoga places you will find in this amazing area. Trust us; when it comes to planning a Yoga Retreat, Santa Barbara style, we have you covered!

Santa Barbara Water SportsSanta Barbara Water Sports

Skiing, kayaking, parasailing, tube riding, you name it! Santa Barbara is the place to be if you love water sports of any kind for the vacationer in you. Visit today and see just what new water sporting adventures you can experience!

Santa Barbara WeddingsSanta Barbara Weddings

Who doesn’t love a wedding? When tying the knot, there’s no place more magical to host a wedding than Santa Barbara. From a beautiful beach-side location to the small-family only setup, come check out Santa Barbara for the wedding experience of a lifetime.

Whale Watching in Santa BarbaraWhale Watching in Santa Barbara

A special feature of the Santa Barbara Channel that many tourists don’t realize is that it is an optimal place for whales to stop by on their migrations. The warm, nutrient-rich waters attract them to enjoy lunch near the Santa Barbara coast.

Santa Barbara Wine and Wine Tasting ToursSanta Barbara Wine and Wine Tasting Tours

Santa Barbara has grown from a small town into a nationally renowned vacation destination. Many people come for the beautiful weather and the beaches, but the people who are really in the know come for the amazing wine country that calls Santa Barbara home. Here you will find countless VINeyards and wineries speckling beautiful hillsides and valleys. They offer incredible wines in a charming experience. The best way to enjoy this beauty and delicious wine is by taking one of numerous tours of Santa Barbara’s wine country. Here are some of the best Santa Barbara wine tours for enjoying this amazing place.

Santa Barbara WineriesSanta Barbara Wineries

Being in the heart of Wine Country, you don’t need to look far to find a great winery to visit. Many wineries offer tours that allow a glimpse into the wine-making industry, as well as tastings that let you sample the sweet (or dry) products of their labor. If you love wine, Santa Barbara is the place to be.

Santa Barbara ZoosSanta Barbara Zoos

If you’re looking to check out a zoo in Santa Barbara, we recommend the Santa Barbara Zoo or Andree Clark Bird Refuge. Click to find out why!