High Retention Rate Guaranteed

Customer Service Made Personal
With AutoVitals, you can attach a face and personality to a vehicle. You can create a customized service interval, based on the individual driving habits of each motorist. This service history will also be accessible online by the motorists, allowing them to be further educated and informed about the health of their vehicle (and precisely what the doctor ordered). These service recommendations are based on manufacturers’ defined schedules.

With the option to create a loyalty point program, you can garner longer-lasting, more reliable customers through the use of incentive schedules similar to airline miles and credit card points. Traditionally, loyalty point programs reward money spent. Are you saying that a one-time engine rebuild should yield more points to the motorist than 2 years of loyal visits to your shop? We didn’t think so and created a loyalty point system you can tailor to your needs, promoting preventive maintenance and vehicle health, and the points can be used towards jobs in your shop.  AutoVitals personalized customer support database allows both of you to always be in the know.

Accelerated Network
Because of our personalization features, shops utilizing the AutoVitals system achieve up to a 70% customer retention rate.
With a strong variety of marketing techniques, you can reach out to a customer, no matter the degree of information you have about her. Call campaigns are generally the most effective appointment generator, as the sound of a real voice is the most assuring. For reaching a larger number of customers in a shorter amount of time, email campaigns can be quickly and easily designed in minutes. This allows you to extend to the broadest customer base with the lowest price. For customers without email addresses, postcard campaigns may be ran, covering all practical bases of communication.

Well then how does this advanced network on customer communication and appointment security all come together?  click here

Lynne Cardwell, Car Care Center, Sacramento

AutoVitals simply make things happen–and they make things happen simply. Entrepreneurs in this economy and in the automotive service field, we have to stay focused on results from those we partner with, not on guesswork or trial-and-error experimentation with one program after another. Uwe founded AutoVitals with a great deal of insight into the automotive aftermarket and its people. His comprehensive and intuitive client acquisition and retention program is light years ahead of the competition. In fact, I’m not sure there IS any real competition at his level. We’ve been in business since 1969 and I have seen a great many programs come and go, but AutoVitals has become an absolute business essential because of consistent measurable results. For us, that means a steady flow of new clients, while our current clients are kept freshly motivated to learn more about their own vehicles’ upkeep which not surprisingly, is just exactly what we do at Car Care Center.

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