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AutoVitals has tested numerous devices running our software, and the tablets on this page stand out for all their characteristics and performance. We decided to offer a 24-month leasing program for the Samsung Tab A7 (protective case included)! As part of the Tablet Lease Warranty, you may exchange a malfunctioning or damaged tablet for a replacement tablet. Additionally, we will replace any leased tablets that are deemed obsolescent.

For new devices, we recommend the Samsung Tab A7 (SM-T500). We offer support to reputable device brands running Android 9+. We also support a light version of the app for Android phones. Other tablets running Android might work as well, but we do not recommend other devices.

If you prefer Apple products, we recommend the iPad 9th Gen. We offer support to any iPad OS device (or iOS 13+). Any other tablet sold directly from the Apple Store is also supported but not recommended at its price point. iPhones running iOS 13+ support a lighter version of the app.

Tablets NOT Supported

With so many new tablets on the market, there is a high chance that tablets are available, which are not a fit for high productivity use or flat out don’t work. Even established brand names are on the list of known misfits below:

  • Devices without a rear-facing autofocus camera are not supported
  • Android devices running on versions of Android older than 9.0 are not supported.
  • iOS devices running on versions older than iOS 13 are not supported
  • iPads older than the Mini 5 and Air 3. These tablets are not upgradable or have poor performance on the latest version of iOS.
  • Samsung Tab 2,  Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab A (2018 and prior models), and Tab E
  • All Kindle Fire tablets
  • All ASUS tablets
  • All Windows tablets

*NOTE:  Recommendations are based on the current market condition. We do our best to keep it updated, but the tablet market releases new devices every day. The limiting factor in recommending a ruggedized tablet solution is the availability of the appropriate case

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