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Recommended Tablets

AutoVitals has tested numerous tablets and one tablet, the new iPad 6th Gen (9.7′, regular size), stood out for all its product characteristics. We then decided to offer the Productivity Tool Warranty for this and only this tablet. The Productivity Tool Warranty guarantees for one year after receipt the replacement of a defective tablet by overnighting a replacement to the lower 48 states in the US and 2nd Air to Canada and Alaska and Hawaii.  All you need to do is prove to our technical support that the malfunction is not caused by improper treatment of the tablet in your shop. Please send your original tablet back in the next 30 days, otherwise, we will charge full price for it.

The ONLY recommended tablet is currently an iPad 6th Gen.

including a ruggedized and tested case.

Please order it here to benefit from the Productivity Tool Warranty.

Supported tablets

Below is a list of selected tablet devices, which have been found to work. Tablets not listed below may work with AutoVitals applications but are not supported nor tested for every release.



ipadmini2retina_3075078b-105x150 iPad 6th Gen We still offer support for the iPad mini 2 (soon to be unsupported) and mini 4, but for new tablets we recommend iPad 6th Gen. Anything sold by Apple is also supported but not recommended at its price point. The iPhone is NOT currently supported
6gmrtqyy   Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2/S3 We support the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2/S3 for Android . Other tablets MIGHT work as well, but we cannot offer support for other devices. We can’t recommend any Android tablet as a mid/long term investment because hardware vendors don’t update discontinued devices with new Android versions.

Tablets NOT Supported

With so many new tablets on the market, there is a high chance that tablets are available, which are not a fit for high productivity use or flat out don’t work. Even established brand names are on the list of known misfits below:

  • – Tablets without a rear facing auto focus camera are not supported
  • – Android tablets running on versions of Android older than 7.0 are not supported.
  • – Full size iPads older than the iPad Air and first generation iPad minis. These tablets are not upgradable or have poor performance on the latest version of iOS.
  • – Samsung Tab 2,  Tab 3, Tab 4, Tab A and Tab E
  • – All Kindle Fire tablets 
  • – ASUS Transformer TF300 and TS700  

*NOTE:  Recommendations are based on the current market condition. We do our best to keep it updated, but the tablet market releases new devices every day. The limiting factor in recommending a ruggedized tablet solution is the availability of the appropriate case